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Grow Light Forever's Mission

We believe in ethical and smart shopping. All of our products are carefully crafted & selected to ensure they align with our core values.

Preservative Free

Zero Waste

Cruelty Free


Fair Trade

In a world where plastic, chemicals and pesticides have become the main stream, Grow Light Forever values the opposite! Our core belief is to bring our day to day back to nature, a life free from chemicals will ensure its a healthy one. We also take a firm stance in providing you with products that will NEVER be tested on any animals because why should an innocent suffer in the development of something which would never benefit or aid in their lives?

All our products get tested on ourselves extensively prior to being made available to the public and this means its ONLY tested on the creators.

In our fight against plastic we are taking every effort in including biodegradable packaging such as paper bags and paper business cards and are using glass bottles, tins and other reusable methods so as to reduce the amount of waste and pollution to our planet.

-Recycle your wax-

Grow Light Forever have gone even further in recycling, if you bring 5 of your used wax discs we will gift you with a free wax melt, we then turn the used wax into affordable mix color and fragrance dinner candles so no wax gets thrown in the garbage!

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Frankincense Face & Body Butter

Where ANCIENT provides HEALING

Where ANCIENT provides HEALING

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