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Pillar Candle Care

Our carefully formulated hand-poured pillar candles are made using a coconut blended wax which means that these pillar candles are softer and more delicate. They need to be handled delicately and require more care than most candles. These pillar candles are made to be more eco-conscious and offer a cleaner and slower burn. We use a non-toxic water-based paint to decorate our pillar candles which does not effect the overall quality or burn of the candle. Please follow the pillar candle care guide below to give your candle the tender loving care it deserves: Get the most out of your Grow Light Forever candles by following these candle care guidelines, safety instructions and burning tips. * Be sure to remove any form of packaging from your candle. * Find a suitable and safe spot for your candle with a surface that is level and no flammable items around your candle. * Keep your candle out of reach of children or pets and never leave a lit- or burning candle unattended. * As a precautiuonary measure, we advise you to place the candle on or into a non-flammable saucer, container or cylindrical glass tube that will capture any wax that might spill incase the candle wall breaks. * Remember that these candles are a Coconut blended wax so avoid burning candles near a source of heat such as an oven, heater or fireplace. * Please keep the candle in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. * Do not move or avoid moving your candle while it is lit or burning. * Where possible, be sure to burn your candle in a draught free space, as any form of draught may cause them to drip. These are not dripless candles, for it to be dripless, it would require chemical manipulation which is not what we want for our candle. We aim to offer cleaner burning and more enviromentally conscious candles. * If you prefer to have no mess or dripless candles, please refer to all our container candles. Pillar candles aren't for everyone and there is no shame if it's not for you. Pillar candles are like bonsai trees and need to be nutured because it is a naked and unprotected candle at the end of the day. * Always trim the wick unlit to ±7mm before lighting it - both when you first light the candle as well as each time you relight it. * After first lighting your candle, allow it to burn for a duration of one hour per every 2cm of its diameter in order to get a decent burn pool. If you don't allow a even burn pool, the candle with start to tunnel and eventually saffacate or drown. * A flame that seems restless or flickers violently is an indication of a candle placed in a draught. If you notice this with your candle, please extinguish the flame and once the wax has set, move it to a more suitable space. * If the flame starts smoking during burning or if the wick is curved downwards (Mushroom Shape), extinguish it and trim the wick before relighting it. The wick should remain straight whilst burning. * Always keep the candle's burn pool clear of debris that may catch alight or cause flaring. If you have any insect or moths that fly into your wax, be sure to entinguish the flame and remove them before relighting your candle. * Never use any form of liquid to extinguish a candle, rather snuff the flame and avoid blowing the flame as this would cause the wax to splatter. * Once the wick has reached 2cm from the candle's base, it should be extinguished and discarded. * Please bare in mind that candles also expire when stored too long, although they have a longer shelf life, over time their colours can fade, they can become sticky, and fragranced candles can lose their scent. To prolong the life of your candle, we suggest to storing your candle in a cool dark place or in an airtight container. Thank you for taking the time to read the pillar candle care guide. We wish you many happy hours of light, warmth and a touch of scent that our Grow Light Forever candles will offer you. If you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to reach out to us on

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