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Chemical Mosquito and bug repellents are harmful and leave you gasping for air, it almost feels like "we" are the ones being poisoned. 😫


Our 100% natural Eucalyptus blend Miskie-GO™ spray & 500ml Scented Candle smells beautiful and keeps the flying critters at bay.


What's even more appealing is that we use a blend of de-ionized water and nourishing oil base so your skin will smell fresh and feel great. (spray)


Get the combo defense now, an over 50 hour burn scented Miskie-GO™ candle and 100% natural spray.


Free shipping in Ballito, Salt Rock & Sheffield, alternatively we use a courier service at a standard rate, shipped right to your door.


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Grow Light Miskie-GO™ Combo Spray & Scented Candle

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