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Our all natural Eucalyptus blend Miskie-GO™ spray smells beautiful and keeps the flying critters at bay.


What's even more appealing is that we use a blend of de-ionized water and nourishing oil base so your skin will smell fresh and feel great.


The Citral qualities of Lemongrass and the camphoraceous penetrating scent of Eucalyptus helps repel, deter and confuse mosquitoes respectively. 

Grow Light 100% Natural Miskie-GO™

SKU: 061
  • Keep out of reach of children. This product is for external use only, please do not swallow or ingest, if ingested seek immediate medical attention. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact with eyes occurs, rinse your eyes with clean water immediately.

    If irritation continues, consult your nearest doctor immediately.

    Allergies: Topical application of essential oils may irritate the skin of some people with dermatitis. If you have dermatitis or another skin condition, consult your doctor before using any new products.

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