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Our carefully formulated hand-poured pillar candles are made using a coconut blended wax which means that these pillar candles are softer. They need to be handled delicately and require more care than most candles. These pillar candles are made to be more eco-conscious and offer a cleaner and slower burn.


Please follow the pillar candle care guide below to give your candle the tender loving care it deserves:


Get the most out of your Grow Light Forever candles by following these candle care guidelines, safety instructions and burning tips. * Be sure to remove any form of packaging from your candle. *


Find a suitable and safe spot for your candle with a surface that is level and no flammable items around your candle.


* Keep your candle out of reach of children or pets and never leave a lit- or burning candle unattended.


* As a precautiuonary measure, we advise you to place the candle on or into a non-flammable saucer, container or cylindrical glass tube that will capture any wax that might spill incase the candle wall breaks.


* Remember that these candles are a Coconut blended wax so avoid burning candles near a source of heat such as an oven, heater or fireplace.


* Please keep the candle in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


* Do not move or avoid moving your candle while it is lit or burning.


* Where possible, be sure to burn your candle in a draught free space, as any form of draught may cause them to drip. These are not dripless candles, for it to be dripless, it would require chemical manipulation which is not what we want for our candle. We aim to offer cleaner burning and more enviromentally conscious candles.

Ambre Taper Pillar Candle

  • 24 - 36 hour burn time

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