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There is a story behind the little heart shaped candle in the silver tin.


The story goes as follows:


"The Tin Woodman has always been a woodman.


He was once a real man, but he fell in love with a Munchkin girl who agreed to marry him.


The girl lived with a mean old woman who didn't want to live alone, and who bribed the Wicked Witch of the East to hurt him.


A local tin smith 'rebuilt' him with tin appendages until he was entire made out of tin.


The poor tin man was under the impression that he no longer had a heart but was ablivious to his continuous good deeds and actions."


Let us remind the Tin man that he indeed still has a heart by lighting the candle within the tin.



Water-Lily Fragranced Tin Candle

  • Top Note : Succulent

    Middle Note: Water Lily, Geranium

    Base Note: Oak, Moss, Clove bud

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